Technology: Living Blind Made Easy

The advent of the digital space and technology has transformed the way I live. Activities I grew up depending on others for help today have become pretty simple for me on my various devices. Technology has widened the scope of possibilities. It has opened up opportunities. It has also made me independent and, on several counts, a resource for friends and family. The laptop, smartphone and screen reading software have given life a new meaning and direction. 

From the Editor’s Desk

Friends. I honestly, did not, for a moment, imagine that I would live to see this day! It was October 1995 when the first issue of “Success & ABILITY” saw the light of day, produced, and edited by a hopeful first timer – with nothing except a smouldering passion in her heart. Ever since, quarter after every quarter for the next whopping 25 years, a 56-to-64-page glossy magazine with a focus on a subject as disability, was the signature of Ability Foundation.