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I honestly, did not, for a moment, imagine that I would live to see this day!

A day when “Success & ABILITY” would be rolled out in its totally accessible, virtual avatar with choices to read, listen, watch, or view it in sign medium, as per need.

It was October 1995 when the first issue of “Success & ABILITY” saw the light of day, produced, and edited by a hopeful first timer – with nothing except a smouldering passion in her heart. Ever since, quarter after every quarter for the next whopping 25 years, a 56-to-64-page glossy magazine with a focus on a subject as disability, was the signature of Ability Foundation.

There was no topic that was not discussed – from people, to products, to policies, to pleasure. Articles to inform, interest and inspire.

Year 2001 saw the advent of our audio magazine for the listening pleasure of those who could not see or those who simply preferred to listen.  In 2015 our cyber version rolled out.

Year 2020 – our silver jubilee year – also the year of the lockdown, saw a halt to this first love of ours. We did however, continue a slew of other original activities bringing us closer towards our vision for an equal, right based and inclusive world for every person with disability. Now, it is 2021, a time when all of us seem to have accepted the “new normal” and are keeping up with our changed times. We present our magazine once again, to carry forward, and to get ahead with our mission.

Here then, is our first completely accessible first issue. Every article has audio, every video is captioned, and the content is signed. This, over and above, the large print or text only options that most online readings offer. With our favourite writers – Saaz, Vaishnavi, Sai and Ketna – wholeheartedly reaffirming their commitment to write for us, and Sruthi and Yashasvini holding fort at home, we look forward to reaching out and walking hand in hand with you towards better times ahead.

We need to hang-on to our hopes, our aspirations, and our dreams as we wind the clock. Tomorrow is a brand new day. I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.

Adieu, until we meet again.

<strong>Jayshree Raveendran</strong>
Jayshree Raveendran

Jayshree Raveendran is the Founder & Honorary Executive Director of Ability Foundation, and Editor at Success & ABILITY

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