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Manbir Kohli, a dear friend, invited me for a conversational interview on his very popular radio-zine ‘Kehte Sunte’ (89.3 FM Sydney) recently. Manbir is an empathetic, learned friend, a limerick writer par excellence and an astute  communicator. Professionally, he works for Corrective Services in the field of prisoner rehabilitation for the NSW, Australia. It was a truly interesting and enjoyable session where I shared my beliefs, approaches to life and my personal nano management style of living my life with tremendous personal adversity.

I take this opportunity in this season of revivals and renewals to share these with you as well:

  1. Approach life as a celebration each day, each moment. Do all activities meditatively, mindfully.
  2. I lead a life of purpose. Each day is service-oriented. I am happy to problem-solve with my amazing team of fellow spinal cord injury survivors for the rural and poor friends with spinal cord injury in India through our NGO Nina Foundation. Uplifting someone else boosts our own sense of wellbeing.
  3. My professional experience has shaped me to focus on result-oriented outcomes in a short time. This gives personal satisfaction.
  4. I have  complete faith in homoeopathic medicines (my magic potion) for overall wellness from the reputed Dr Parinaz Humranwala.
  5. I regularly walk on my walker, do physiotherapy, practice yoga, and say prayers, religious mantras and affirmations for a regular spiritual diet. I practice silence, watch the sky and spend time with my plants.
  6. Given my inherent adventurous streak, I periodically leave my comfort zone and explore something new. In early 2021, I had my 25 days of freedom with outdoor therapy and they were pure bliss.
  7. I consciously remind myself to ‘go slow’ after having an angiography in 2016. I put away my phone regularly, read newspapers and social media posts selectively, watch TV for 2 hours on weekends and avoid OTT content.
  8. I am extremely confident and comfortable in my skin; no pretension, no layers. I fearlessly speak and write what I feel.

It was a magical life lesson when I spotted my green and blue butterfly friends merrily dancing over the trees outside. They had happily survived a cyclone!

“I have a choice each day, to be my own life designer. Health challenges of living with spinal cord injury is a reality and I have chosen to continue to add magic, and be adventurous, enthusiastic and childlike, revelling in my imperfections and continuously growing within.”

Dr. Ketna Mehta
Dr. Ketna Mehta

Dr. Ketna L Mehta is the Founder Trustee of Nina Foundation and Editor at One World.

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